La Espada has developed many resources to help motivate and equip and train God's people to fulfill the great comission in their Jerusalem and in the rest of the world. Here we list our four most common.

Resource Number One: The "How To Be Saved" tract

This tract was developed by Dr. Roland Garlick and has been used to train hundreds of thousands of soul winners worldwide. It is published in many languages and many thousands have seen their first soul come to Christ by using this booklet. This tract has been published by the millions. Every year we see Christians commit to taking this booklet and presenting the gospel to their friends and family members.

The booklet is not designed to be handed out, but is to meant to be personally read to the sinner. It is a track to keep the train on the rails while presenting the Gospel and the basics of a new life in Christ

Resource Number Two: The La Espada Salvation Edition

The La Espada Salvation Edition is personalized for the local church. La Espada asks each pastor to commit to take the Salvation Edition to every home and family in their Jerusalem. Our Goal is that every home will have someone every year at their door ready and willing to share the gospel with them if they are ready and willing to listen.

Pastor Alejandro Córdova, pastor of Fundamental Baptist Church of Celaya Guanajuato has done just that. After the La Espada Conference in Guadalajara he returned determined to reach every soul in Celaya. (Celaya has almost 600,000 inhabitants. Over the years Pastor Córdova and his church have knocked on every door of that city more than 50 times already, thousands of people have been saved and Pastor Cordova says that it all started because of the influence of Roland Garlick and the Conferences of La Espada. Praise the Lord we are seeing pastors throughout Latin America lead their churches to reach their community for Christ.

We don't take the Gospel to every creature just to see a church grow. We do it because God commands it. Yet God blesses obedience. God has blessed the church in Celaya for his obedience and the church has grown from 85 to several thousand. Two auditoriums have been built on their new property, one with a capacity of 3,000 and the other of 1,000. Everything that is there was built from the tithes and offerings of God's people. The Lord himself is rich unto all who call on him!

La Espada encourages pastors to build autonomous indigenous churches. There is nothing wrong with lending a “hand” to a church, but there is something seriously wrong when a church becomes perpetually dependent on outside support. When ten people tithe in any culture it is equal to one man's salary.

That is the reason why we carry out the Great Commission while following Biblical doctrine. If we are going to reach the world, we must not only reach the lost, but also train the next generation of believers to do the same.

Resource Number Three: Discipleship Material

La Espada motivates, equips and trains pastors to develop a personalized discipleship program for each new convert.

Discipleship is much, much more than filling the heads of new converts with Bible Doctrine. It is living with them and showing them Christ in our lives until they, too, are "observing" what Christ taught.

Not only does La Espada produce and distribute the discipleship material of Pastor Alejandro Córdova and Pastor Ezequiel Salazar, but also a great selection with more than 600 titles in print. These books and booklets are designed to build and uplift Christians in all stages of christian life. They cover everything from the basic Bible doctrines to family books on marriage and parenting, books dealing with personal and ecclesiastical separation, and solid teaching on topics like what the Bible really says about speaking in toungues.

We invite you to come to one of our La Espada conferences and see firsthand the hunger in people's hearts for these materials. At every La Espada Conference there is a crowd around the book table. We have seen many of God's people find the teaching they need to solve their spiritual problems.

La Espada not only produces material, we also look to promote materials produced by others that can be useful in edify and building strong Christians. Our desire is that everything that is brought to the conferences will be useful in the hands of the Gods people.

The La Espada Magazine Is an effective tool for building believers. This magazine is distributed to all the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.

The La Espada newspaper is produced and distributed in churches giving Christian leaders a platform to post event announcements and other materials that are of benefit to other churches.

The La Espada Hymnal has gained wide acceptance throughout Latin America and is used in many churches as their official hymnal.

Resource Number Four: The La Espada Conferences

La Espada exists to motivate, equip and train pastors and help them motivate, equip and train their people to preach the gospel to every creature in their Jerusalem, and to teach every believer in their Jerusalem to observe all that Christ taught and then send those men and women who have been saved in the local church in "Jerusalem" to repeat the process in Judea, in Samaria and to the uttermost part of the earth. While the work of the evangelist is not evangelism, historically the evangelist has been an instrument of God to keep the church focused on evangelism and discipleship and church planting so that other communities can be evangelized and discipled.

La Espada Conferences are the vehicle that bring us face to face with the pastors and members of their church in order to motivate, equip and train them. Over the years the La Espada conferences have grown to the point that no one man can do it all. Praise the Lord for the evangelists of La Espada who have joined with us to cover all the opportunities that God is giving us. Right now there are 9 good men who have been called to be an evangelist and have joined the La Espada team to help us do the work of the evangelist.

La Espada holds more than 100 conferences around the world each year. Many of these conferences are smaller in size (50-200 people), while others have attendance in the thousands. Each year, the La Espada evangelists preach to more than 60,000 people. You can get a full list of La Espada Conferences from our conferences page.

La Espada Conferences are strategically located to cover the entire Hispanic world and have been branching out into other cultures, languages, and ethnic groups for several years. (Egypt, Japan, India, etc)

At the La Espada Conference, pastors come from a certain region, many of them bringing their church members for a good revival meeting. During the morning we carry out training sessions. Dr. Tom Wallace once told me that, "The ministry is fulfilling the Great Commission and then learning to deal with the problems created when we fulfill the Great Commission." At La Espada conferences we not only try to motivate, equip, and train to fulfill the Great Commission, but we also bring in experienced pastors who can teach the younger pastors how to deal with church growth and additional responsibilities that come when a church effectively fulfills the Great Commission. The La Espada Workshops are 2 Timothy 2:2 in action.

The La Espada Conferences are probably the most exciting part of our ministry. They are the main point of everything we are doing for Christ. God is calling thousands of young people to preach his word. It is amazing to see how God is calling His people to serve as pastors and evangelists.